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Portable Radio Battery Chargers

Single-Unit, Rapid-Rate, Universal Charger


These tri-chemistry chargers support Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium-ion batteries. They will rapid charge most batteries to 90% capacity in one to two hours and employ trickle and maintenance modes that ensure batteries are safely charged to full-capacity.

IMPRES™ Smart Energy Systems

Through the use of its advanced charging algorithm and automatic reconditioning features, the IMPRES Smart Energy System ensures maximum talk-time and optimized battery cycle life. This smart energy system automatically reconditions IMPRES batteries based on actual usage, keeping them in peak condition. Talk-time and cycle life are optimized and the need for manual maintenance programs is eliminated. Its advanced conditioning features allow batteries to be safely left on the charger for extended periods of time without incurring damaging heat build-up which can decrease battery cycle life. In addition, batteries left in the charger are kept fully charged so they are always ready when needed. This rapid-rate, tri-chemistry charging system will also charge compatible non-IMPRES batteries and supports multiple radio platforms.

IMPRES Single-Unit Chargers

WPLN4182 WPLN4212    
WPLN4182 WPLN4232    

IMPRES Multi-Unit Chargers

WPLN4187 WPLN4212    
WPLN4187 WPLN4212    

IMPRES Multi-Unit Chargers with Display Modules

WPLN4192 WPLN4219    
WPLN4192 WPLN4219    

Charger Display Modules provide powerful, "real time" analyzing information for IMPRES batteries, including current charge status, battery mAh, percent rated capacity and battery voltage. Readout displays battery kit number, serial number and chemistry and the time remaining to complete the charge for NiCd and NiMH batteries.

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Vehicular Travel Charger


A great traveling companion that ensures constant communication while on the road. Its small compact design allows the radio to be used while rapid charging in the charger base. Unit includes a voltage regulated vehicular charger adapter, custom charger base, mounting bracket and coil cord.

IMPRES Compatible Vehicular Charger

The IMPRES compatible vehicular charger has full IMPRES charger to battery communication capability. This ensures continuity of IMPRES battery charge data logging in a vehicular environment, so the IMPRES battery will receive adaptive, automatic reconditioning and will qualify for the 6-month capacity warranty extension. It is important to note that the IMPRES compatible vehicular charger will not recondition IMPRES batteries due to the operational demands in a vehicle, but it will provide an indication when the reconditioning is required in an IMPRES desktop charger.

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