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Gaming and Casinos

Everything Is Riding
on Security and Service

Security is imperative in any gaming environment where unscrupulous individuals may scan wireless communications in an effort to "improve their edge" at the tables and throughout the casino. High levels of service are also demanded in this sophisticated gaming environment, and an efficient two-way communications system could enable individual teams within the casino to communicate quickly and efficiently with one another, responding to customer needs and delivering the high-quality service that casino patrons expect.

Motorola's MOTOTRBO seamlessly enhances service. Clearer audio quality provided by digital technology means that all casino and resort personnel are able to connect with one another and communicate more efficiently, ensuring that customer service issues are resolved on-the spot.

Unobtrusive service is always preferred, and MOTOTRBO supports discreet communications through such functions as text messaging, which enables personnel to communicate silently with one another. Any phone or computer can send an email to a MOTOTRBO host server application, which then forwards the text message to designated MOTOTRBO subscriber units, supporting tighter, more coordinated communications management.

Parking Solutions for the Gaming Industry

Eliminate the hassle associated with parking, reduce long lines and wait times, and gain insight into trends for better planning with Motorola Parking Solutions. Motorola mobile technology combined with partner applications enables hotels, stadiums, entertainment venues and restaurants to offer differentiated customer service to their guests and increase revenues.

Customer Service Solutions

If you want repeat business, you've got to provide optimal service to your clients. That means everything from an expeditious check-in, restaurant recommendations in an instant or even a tightly scheduled room cleaning to accommodate guests. Motorola Hotel Guest Service Solutions incorporate mobile radio, mobile computer and bar code scanning technology that will empower your staff to offer superior service. Front desk check-in lines will be shorter. Your concierge staff will be ready and able to respond promptly to the needs of guests. And your housekeeping staff can be deployed where and when they are needed most.

Public Safety and Security Solutions for the Gaming Industry

Proactively mitigate potential threats and quickly respond to security violations to increase the safety of your guests – whether you are a hotel, casino, arena, stadium or other hospitality service provider.

With first responders, employees and emergency staff equipped with the right devices and the right information, you can easily guide guests to safety, track assets and give real-time updates.

Motorola's comprehensive product portfolio, along with our partner applications, is designed to give you the critical elements you need to improve stadium, arena, restaurant or other hospitality operation. With a full line of mobile devices and automation technologies - from mobile computers, barcode scanners, RFID to two-way radios and wireless infrastructure - you can enhance the safety and security of your guests.

Two-Way Radios

Motorola's diverse array of portable and mobile two-way radios offers solutions that better enable you to efficiently coordinate and communicate with your on-the-go workforce. No matter the size of your organization, Motorola has portable radios to meet your communication needs for your in-vehicle needs, Motorola mobile radios provide crisp, continuous and high quality communications.

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MOTOTRBO Digital Radios

MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System: With more performance, productivity and value, the next-generation professional two-way radio is here. Thanks to digital technology, MOTOTRBO delivers double the capacity, improved audio clarity, 40% longer battery life and integrated data applications. MOTOTRBO is ideal for organizations that require customizable, dependable communications.

With a versatile portfolio of portable and mobile two-way radios as well as accessories, MOTOTRBO offers a private, standards-based solution that is both cost-effective and easily tailored – a complete package for your campus' unique communication needs.

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Be prepared for when the FCC Narrowbanding mandate goes into effect. Nationwide licensees operating on 25 kHz radios systems will soon need to operate using 12.5 kHz efficiency channels.

As a trusted leader in two-way communications, Motorola has been preparing for 12.5 kHz technology for over decade and offers the broadest choice of two-way radio equipment with close to 60 models capable of operating in 12.5 kHz efficiency. While Motorola radios purchased in the last ten years are likely dual mode 25/12.5 kHz, older equipment may need to be replaced. Contact your local Motorola representative today to help you prepare for a smooth and cost effective transition.

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Motorola Accessories

Only Motorola Original Products are performance-matched to guarantee the same high standards of quality that you enjoy with your Motorola two-way radio. When you see the Motorola Original logo on the products, you know the products are built and tested to meet the highest standards.

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TEAM VoWLAN Solution

TEAM Voice over WLAN (WiFi) smartphones are part of Motorola's TEAM VoWLAN solution, which turns the desktop into a pocketable virtual office, delivering comprehensive mobile access over the WLAN to the voice and data services needed to increase productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction.

The TEAM VoWLAN solution provides workers within the enterprise with a single device to meet all their communication needs. Built on the robust Windows Mobile® 6.1 or 6.5 standard, TEAM Voice over WLAN (WiFi) smartphones will deliver mobile access to the fundamental communications services.

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Asset Management and Tracking Solutions for the Gaming Industry

Chances are you have many assets to keep track of: from furniture and small appliances to computer equipment and large appliances to chairs and tables. Bar-code-enabled mobile computers and RFID readers can substantially automate and error proof the asset tracking function. Instead of using paper forms that must later be re-keyed into a computer, workers can simply scan the bar code label on an asset and enter asset location and condition on an electronic form. When you institute a Motorola Asset Management Solution, inventory can be taken in record time and you will enjoy instant visibility into a rich set of information on all your assets.

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Wireless Hotspot Solutions for the Gaming Industry

Today's technology-savvy customers do not leave home without their laptops, smartphones and personal digital assistants upon which they want to access the Internet and Internet-enabled applications at their convenience, from anywhere in your establishment. With Wireless Hotspot Solutions from Motorola, you can leverage the same indoor and outdoor wireless networks you use for employee communications to provide this increasingly business-critical service to guests. Whether you offer wireless hotspot as a free service or for a fee, having it can be the deciding factor of whether the customer will return to your facility.

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