Analog Business Radios

Analog Mobile Two-Way Radios

Mobile Two-Way Radios are vehicle-mounted wireless devices that are used to send voice or data messages one-to-one or one-to-many over radio frequencies within a local area, city, or state.

Two-Way Radio Accessories

Using the right accessories with the radio can add real value for you by providing a complete, customized solution that is safer and easier to use with improved system performance.

Two-Way Radio Repeaters

Extend range and overcome signal obstructions to ensure reliable communication between multiple locations or a single site. Features vary from integrated data applications to analog-digital migration capabilities.


MOTOTRBO Portable Radios

MOTOTRBO digital portable radios deliver double the capacity, clear audio, integrated data applications and longer battery life to keep your workforce connected.

MOTOTRBO Mobile Radios

Ideal for in-vehicle use, MOTOTRBO digital mobile radios deliver double the capacity, clear audio and integrated data applications for your mobile workforce.

MOTOTRBO Applications

Take your business beyond voice and ensure all your people stay connected with the speed and efficiency of data.


Enjoy integrated voice and data communication, increased capacity, enhanced features and exceptional voice quality, across the city and around the globe.

Project 25 (P25) Radios

Public Safety Mobile Radios

Motorola mobile radios set the standard for advanced technology and real-world reliability, enabling personnel to communicate in any environment. Select from easy-to-use and reliable solutions that put control and confidence in the hands of users.

P25 Dispatch Consoles

Motorola's CAD, dispatch consoles and records management applications provide reliable communications to maximize your community's command center operations.

Public Safety Radio Accessories

Every Motorola Public Safety battery, charger, audio accessory, carry case and antenna is best-in-class technology, designed and optimized specifically for your APX and XTS radio.

Public Safety Products

Mobile Workstations

The Motorola MW810 rugged fixed-mount computer provides reliable, mobile wireless connectivity and computing power for mission-critical applications. the responsibility of the dispatcher and we offer a complete portfolio of equipment to help them do their job better.

Motorola Pagers

Whether it's answering the call to an urban incident or a wildland fire, many firefighters, EMS personnel and other first responders rely on their pager.

In-Car Video Cameras

The solid-state hard drive records video, audio, and GPS location. At the station, download data to the server – wirelessly, or over a wire.

Specialty Products

Console Furniture

Designed to be the 911-dispatch console of the future, the Evans Dispatch™ incorporates unique features that are destined to lead the industry.

Bi-Directional and Line Amplifiers

When radio coverage is impaired inside structures, tunnels and other obstructed areas, signal boosters often offer the best value solution. TX RX Systems Inc. is the leader in high performance, low maintenance, FCC approved signal boosters.


Let Advanced Electronics design a closed circuit video system for your business! organizer, JOTTO DESK has infinite adjustability, mounts easily, and detaches quickly from its base. Saves time and increases your productivity.


Puts everything you need at your fingertips. The perfect mobile office organizer, JOTTO DESK has infinite adjustability, mounts easily, and detaches quickly from its base.


WAVE Work Group Communications is a communications interoperability and broadband push-to-talk (PTT) solution that delivers real-time voice and data securely over any network using any device.

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